Friday, December 19, 2008


Bshendlaya is near to Behyo, and one of difficult explorable places. This is not all what is really there.

bshendlaya c-35 bshendlaya c-34 bshendlaya c-30 bshendlaya c-10 bshendlaya c-6 bshendlaya c-1

bshendlaya c-17 bshendlaya c-8

The countryside of this area:

bshendlaya c-44 bshendlaya c-42 bshendlaya c-41 bshendlaya c bshendlaya c-26 qorqania-5 qorqania-3 qorqania qalb loze village-4 bshendlente-5 bshendlente kafar-kila c5

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