Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mahalibeh Castle

Mahalibeh castle is located about 40 km south-east Lattakia, in the Syrian coastal mountains chain. It is approached from east near town of Shatha in the Alghab plains and Jobat Borghal in the mountains.

The castle is built on a huge rocky hill at 750 m altitude, dates back to 11-th century, said to have built by Ahmar family. It is surrounded by huge walls, passing by 12 semi-circle towers, which incorporates longitudinal openings. Most of towers are at eastern side of the castle. There are cisterns, bases, underground halls, preserved till today.

Historically Necator of Antioch ruled for a while, later Aleppean sultanate gripped the castle, then passed to crusaders, and Saladdin, and finally 2 centuries went under control of Tripoli Princes, when later it fell into oblivion.

A road to the castle didn't exist (last kilometer), till 2 years before, the government made a road which comes close to the doors of the castle from the south. There is a village called by the same name Mahalibeh, just near to it. There is now ongoing reconstruction and restoration works.

Wait a little more to see the castle while restoration works completed.

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