Monday, June 04, 2007

Abu Qbeis Castle

The castle's oldest information goes to Roman times, but apparently nowadays' structure is back to Byzantine area from 10-th century.
The castle moved from hand to hand, from Aleppean Arab princes to Ayubids, Mameluks, then it is not mentioned if Mongols also destroyed it? But it was neglected thereafter.
What is seen is Byzantine firm structure with Arab period additions.

Castle On Top Of Mountains

Al-Ghab ValleySummer Mountainous Resorts HomesLogWallsThe Road Coming To The CastleA Hole In The Old WallsStanding On High Walls Without EdgesOn The Surface Of Abu Qbeis CastleOn The Surface Of Abu Qbeis CastleAl-Ghab Valley


Abu Qbeis Castle InteriorAbu Qbeis CastleWalls Of Abu Qbeis CastleNature Scene From Abu Qbeis CastleAbu Qbeis CastleWest Syrian Mouantainous Area VillageScene From West Syrian MountainsWest Syrian MountainsWalls Of Abu Qbeis CastleAl-Ghab Valley

Abu Qbeis Castle Window

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