Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Qadmus Area

Scenes from Qadmus small town in the western Syrian mountains chain.

West Syrian Mountains ChainQadmus Old WallsQadmus Narrow StreetsQadmus MountainsA Street In QadmusSbberQadmusQadmus

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Margat (Marqab, Markab) Castle

The castle is found on 3 km from the coast of Mediterranean sea. The Arabic naming is equal to "Castle of the watchtower".

Marqab castle is founded in 1062 by the Arabs it was then seized by the Byzantines then someway passed into the hands of the principality of Antioch. It was then sold to the Hospitallers in 1186 and was reconstructed to the latest Frankish military standards of architecture and used by the crusaders until it fell into the hands of Sultan Qalaun in 1285.

The most important looks and features of this fortification are the keep and the church. The encircling keep is a massive tower of power, and at a diameter of about 29 meters and walls of 5 meters thick it is quite distinctive of 12th century Hospitallers job. From the top fabulous views of the mountains and the coast can be seen, let alone the pleasing to the eye view of the Mediterranean. The church, also built in the 12th century is a wonderful example of Gothic art, with touches of Romanesque.

Markab Castle Interiors

Markab CastleOn Surface Of Markab CastleSouthern Face Of Markab CastleMarkab Castle InteriorsMarkab CastleMarkab CastleMarkab CastleMarkab CastleMarkab CastleA Small Café At Markab Castle RoadMarkab Castle Viewed From FarThe Old Frescos Of Church Of Markab CastleMarkab CastleThe Church Of The CastleThe Southern Walls Of Markab CastleThe Southern Walls Of Markab Castle

Markab Castle

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ruweiha, Old Byzantine Site


One of "dead cities" in Syrian land, back to Byzantine era from 300-600 A.D.
This is location of Ruweiha

Ruweiha RuinsSunset Through StonesOld StonesRuweiha Location Byzantine RemnantsRuweiha RuinsRuweihaOld Church

People still living there...

People Still Living In Ruweiha

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sergible Byzantine Ruins

Sergible is one of Dead Cities locations in west Aleppo, northern Syria.
Limestone masses are the predominant feature and the remnants are especially made up of limestone stones.
The ruins are back to Byzantine era Syria.

Here are some views from the countryside in Sergible area: