Friday, March 23, 2007

Exhibiton (Repost from Hovic's Post)

These days Hovic and I held an exhibition in our city - Aleppo, in the Armenian Veradznunt club under patronage of Minister of Culture Dr. Riad Naasan Agha.
He attended the opening of the exhibition and wrote his word in the visitors' book.

سررت كثيرا بهذا الفن الراقي الذي يعبر عن عشق فنانينا لبلدهم سورية، انها ليست الكاميرا هي التي تصور وانما هي القلوب التي تعشق الجمال والعيون التي تستقبل الضياء..

لكم محبتي وتقديري
د. رياض نعسان آغا
وزير الثقافة


I am pleased much by this great art which expresses the love of our artists towards their homeland Syria, it is not the camera that takes pictures, it is the hearts that are fond of the beauty, and the eyes that receives the luminosity…

My love and appreciation to you,
Dr. Riad Naasan Agha
Minister of Culture



GraY FoX said...

good luck for you both
keep up the good work
and please try to post some of the pictures that were on the exhibition :)

Anandawardhana said...

Yeah Would love to see more pics from the exhibition. Thanks for writing about these events and places in your country