Monday, February 19, 2007

Mshabbak Area Of Dead Cities

Not surprisingly when in winter, we have a little sun, it means you have a great day, as it is warm, shiny and beautiful with scattered clouds from the day before.

Near Mshabbak ChurchSyrian VillageSky At Mshabbak ChurchMshabbak Church AroundThe Area Of Mshabbak ChurchMshabbak Church Area

And not surprising too that walking in the ruins, in this atmosphere is great too :)

Mshabbak ChurchMshabbak Church. Through WindowMshabbak ChurchMshabbak ChurchMshabbak Church. The Columns Of PastMshabbak Church. ColumnsMshabbak Church. InteriorMshabbak ChurchMshabbak ChurchMshabbak ChurchMshabbak Church. InteriorMshabbak ChurchMshabbak Church. ArchesMshabbak Church. From InsideMshabbak Church

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