Sunday, January 28, 2007

St. Elian Monastery In Qaryatein. دير مار اليان الشيخ الناسك

Qaryatein is found on the way from Palmyra to Damascus, and it seems that it was not so important, but still people here worked and lived in agriculture and farming.

The first document about the monastery is found in british museum (moved from Mar Mousa monastery’s files) states monastery’s age at about 1000 years, but some findings in the monastery itself tells that the age of monastery is 1500 years. It became spiritual center in 16-th century, till 18-th, then again lost in obscurity. Cemetery of St. Elian is kept, and revered by both Christian and Muslim population. Christians called him St. Elian, Muslims Sheikh Ahmad Al-Houri.

All the century long this place was visited by camping and teaching groups. Now after falling some parts of the structure, it is now built new church, and made further renovations and excavations.

The Door Of MonasteryA Carved StoneThe Old And New Sections Of The Monastery Of St. ElianThe Stones Of AgesOn The Walls Of The MonasteryThe Cemetery of St. ElianThe New Church Of The Monastery St. ElianSt. Elian Monastery

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