Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ebla Means White Rock, "Ebrium" Listed as Strongest King

Ebla, The White Rocks, 3000 BCEbla (Arabic: عبيل، إيبلا) was an ancient city located in northern Syria, about 55 km southwest of Aleppo. It was an important city-state in two periods, first in the late third millennium BC, then again between 1800 and 1650 BC.

The site is known today as Tell Mardikh, and is famous mainly for archives with more than 20,000 cuneiform tablets, dated from around 2250 BC, in Sumerian and in Eblaite — a previously unknown Semitic language similar to Akkadian.

Ebla, Generel ViewEbla, Area SurroundingEblaEbla. The Nearby Villages' LandsEbla, General ViewEbla, The SoilEblaEblaEblaEbla...continued as a small village until the 7th century AD, then was deserted and forgotten until its archaeological rediscovery.EblaEblaEbla, 3000 BCEblaEblaEbla, White RocksEbla, White RocksEblaEbla

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