Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Forest of Forolloq

The magnificent views from Qastal-Kesab road are amazing. There are high mountain scenes, although not high as to thousand meters, forests you meet during the second half of the road, after Rabiia village, and also small rivers flowing down, sometimes their sounds are heard.

A Scene From Rabiia Village At North-West Syrian Mountainous Area

Forest of ForolloqLate AutumnVillage HomeFruitsFruitsRabiia VillageWhere Do The Stairs Lead??ForestInside The ForestForest of ForolloqAutumnBridge in Forroloq ForestsForestForestAn Enormous Tree at The Forests of Forolloq in North-West Syria.

And deep in the forest where the fairy tale like scenes are met, it deserves to be here certainly:

In The Depths of Forest

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Rima said...

A wonderful place,
I've been there once, and I was amazed by the scenes.
Thanx a lot for the pics.